cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer Mitko Vasilev, about developing an IoE platform. Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) moderates and Rikard Strid and Jonathan Davis are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Mitko Vasilev, @iotcoi, Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco Champions
Rikard Strid, @rikardstrid, Founder thingk.me, Clayster AB
Jonathan Davis, @subnetwork, Network Planning Analyst

What do we mean by IoE or IoT platforms?
The difference between IoE (Internet of Everything) and IoT (Internet of Things)
How Cisco works with partners on IoT
How Partners use protocols like MQPP, AMQP and CoAP for IoT
XMPP and IoT

CommsNinja I love how global this episode is! 🙂
LaurenFriedman Yes, I feel like I should travel somewhere too
LaurenFriedman folks can now jump in with questions / comments etc
bwhaynes What is the difference between IoT and IoE? Is one a subset of the other?
LaurenFriedman @bwhaynes – officially IoE connecting people, process, data, things so IoT is a subset
LaurenFriedman Q: are we talking about IOx when we say we’re running open source?
Fish14 Mitko – but the XMPP isn’t the only core right?
mitko IOx and IR900
mitko fish – even more
Fish14 like what more?
Fish14 I get confused there
mitko MQPP, AMQP, CoAP
Fish14 can you talk about that?
mitko MQTT 🙂


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