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Into the Meeting Room: Cisco Spark Board by Abdel-moniem Rezk

Cisco Spark Board“Today Cisco announced in special keynote Cisco Spark Board with All-in-one Device for Team Collaboration in the Meeting Room. All-in-one Capacitive multi-touch with 4k Display gives really an impressive experience. All integrated with Cisco Spark Applications for Desktop and Apple IOS devices as well.” (Read more..)

Cisco Spark Board – Innovation in Collaboration by Justin Cohen

Cisco Spark Board“Introducing the “Spark Board” a 55″ or 70″ device that you mount to the wall and do everything with – I mean everything. No more extra stuff, and everything works in a clean manner. This is a “huge iPad” type device for meeting rooms – and it is as intuitive to use – as a typical mobile tablet. No – it is easier than that. White boarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, calling, collaborating, it is all here. One device, simple design and dead simple interface.” (Read more..)

All A-Board, the Cisco Spark Board by Paul Giblin

“That revolutionary experience, of course, is the Cisco Spark Board. Part whiteboard, part video endpoint, part large screen display, the Spark Board isn’t just going to change the way you meet, it’s going to change the way you work. The idea behind the Spark Board is simple – remove the barriers to effective communication by making meeting and collaboration easy. The minds at Cisco, and Rowan in particular, have correctly observed that there is tremendous room for improvement in the average meeting experience. Although there has been great penetration in the video conferencing space over the last couple of years, there remain a very large number of conference spaces in the world that never made the cut for infrastructure-intensive and expensive video systems. Worse still are the rooms that were over-“improved” with so many different complicated point solutions that only a single individual knows how to get a meeting started and pain is inflicted on all new comers. The Spark Board aims to simplify your meetings by eliminating conference room sprawl and replacing it with a single, intelligent Spark powered device.” (Read more..)