Partner Success Story

Please hold. Two words no one likes to hear. Especially when calling a healthcare provider.

Yet, that’s what patients were hearing too often when calling The Brooklyn Hospital in New York.

The hospital’s outdated, decentralized call management system was ill-equipped to handle the volume and type of calls coming in. Hold times were too long, and some calls were misrouted or sent to operators who didn’t speak the caller’s language. Supervisors couldn’t track calls, and there was no easy way to handle appointment reminders.

The hospital, serving more than a million Brooklynites, knew they needed a long-term cure.

Administrators reached out to ShoreGroup for help upgrading their Contact Center. With Cisco as their partner in digital architecture, they put in place the Cisco Call Manager, as well as other queue-streamlining products, to help the hospital move from a traditional PBX call routing system to fully-digitized, IP-enabled PBX system.

The hospital could now bring all calls into a central queue, making it easier to measure volume and outcomes. They also had an outbound function that allowed operators to call and text appointment reminders. This led to increased revenue, lower no-show rates, and reduced overflow expenses 25 percent. Patients could enjoy more personalized attention, shorter hold times, and peace of mind knowing their healthcare questions and concerns were being heard and handled more efficiently.

That’s something we can all feel good about.

Between patient calls and patient care, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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