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McDonald’s Belgium knew there was a missing ingredient, and it had nothing to do with their menu. Guests across all 80 of their restaurant locations could access onsite WiFi, but service was spotty and unreliable. And, management had no way to capture data and use it to improve their customers’ experience.

Internet access without data capture is like a Big Mac® without the burger.

Customers needed WiFi that was free, fast, and secure, with trouble-free log-in. Management needed a way to tell customers about specials, new menu items, and the benefits of McDonald’s new user-friendly app.

Purple says…

We came in, with the power of a partner ecosystem behind us, to save the day. As a leader in real-time, guest WiFi integrations and a Cisco Solution Partner, Purple knew the right experts with the right technology that could transform McDonald’s Belgium and give customers the experience they deserve.

Purple brought in Cisco Meraki to provide the cloud-based WiFi network infrastructure, then layered it with its own real-time guest WiFi analytics package and Socialspot’s wireless capabilities.

Customers now had fast, free WiFi they could access via social media or email with one click. They also had the inside scoop on new menu items and special offers. McDonald’s Belgium finally had a way to learn what their customers wanted so they could better target messages and track results. By bringing operations into the cloud where updates and reports could be managed remotely through a dashboard, the company cut back on tech site visits by 90 percent.

Visibility also went up. In two years, WiFi use went from 3,000 to 10,000 logins per day, and more customers were downloading the McDonald’s app . Out of two million visits tracked, management collected more than one million unique visitor records.

Just another example of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem teaming up to deliver custom solutions and deliver exceptional experiences for our customers. Pass out the Happy Meals!

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing