Security is a hot topic around here. Our customers want it. Our businesses need it. Our partners can provide it. And none of us can be successful without it.


Recently I was talking with colleagues about how in a relatively short amount of time Cisco has established a market-leading position that was, in part, reflected by the number of industry awards we received. My colleagues were excited about winning (I was too), but what’s more important than the awards is what they represent: the success of our customers.


We have a long-standing (some would say obsessive) tradition of measuring our customers’ satisfaction.  We benchmark this quarterly and use the findings to fine-tune everything we do. From product development and support, to acquisitions and corporate strategy. So when leading industry institutions – Gartner, Piper Jaffrey, Frost & Sullivan, to name a few – call out Cisco’s strength in security, we feel good about the validation. But we feel great that these accolades mean: that we are achieving our mission of helping customers keep their networks safe, secure and protected. And helping our partners grow their security practice with a highly regarded, award-winning portfolio.


Collectively, our customers are blocking nearly 20 billion threats every day. And they’re detecting these threats much faster. What used to take about 100 days, they’re now doing in less than one. We’re making this happen. OUR PARTNERS are making this happen. Together we are protecting networks, keeping people and businesses safe and secure, and winning together.


This is made possible by our security team. Our game-changing architectural approach, where all the security elements integrate and work together, help improve our customers’ security effectiveness and drives cost and complexity out of their environment.  In today’s hyper-connected digital environment, this architectural approach provides unprecedented protection from the network to the cloud, across all of the attack vectors and across the entire attack continuum – before, during, and after.


One of my favorite movie lines is from Jerry Maguire when Jerry, as the consummate sports agent, pleads with his star NFL client “Help me help you.” This kind of sums of how I look at our success. We go to great lengths to hear from our customers so that we can help them be successful. Winning awards and being recognized in the industry are solid indicators that we’re listening.


Congratulations to Cisco’s security team for creating industry-leading solutions that win awards.

Thank you to our partners for building your security practices with our portfolio and protecting our customers. And thank you to our customers for your trust and confidence in Cisco and our partners. Please keep the feedback coming.

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Wendy Bahr

No Longer with Cisco