It’s no secret we live in a world of political and economic upheaval. When India demonetized its currency last fall, Prime Minister Modi gave the country two hours’ notice that all 500 and 1,000 rupee notes — 86% of the currency in circulation — would no longer be legal tender. And people had 50 days to redeem their cash before it was officially worthless. Not only was it an effort to combat corruption and counterfeiting, but also to help the cash-dependent economy go financially digital.*

Cisco partner Softcell was able to help a large, legal services customer manage the rapid increase in business.

Softcell says…

We do a lot of work in India, and the recent demonetization put a lot of pressure on the cash flow of many local companies. It also meant that legal and financial businesses facilitating much of the change needed a network infrastructure to support higher demand. We noticed an opportunity with our customer, a research-based law services firm. They provide strategic, legal, and tax services from their headquarters in Mumbai and offices around the world.

Technology is foundational to their practice and they keep their system updated to match global demand. And they needed an R&D center with a completely digital infrastructure.

So, we recommended Cisco, and built them a solution with products from every single Cisco architecture including services, including Cisco One, Nexus 9k, ISE, Open DNS, IP Cameras, and soon, Stealthwatch. And Cisco Capital made the proposal more attractive and helped us close the deal by the quarter’s end.

We have plans to install more Cisco solutions with them. And internally, we’re building out a dedicated Cisco team to give other customers in India a vision of Cisco’s Digital Economy.

Thanks, Softcell!

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing