Webex is excited to announce a comprehensive solution for 3rd party Device Management (DM) referred to as ‘Partner Managed Devices.’ Partner Managed Devices allows Webex Cloud Calling offers (Webex Calling and Webex Wholesale) to support a flexible Device Management (DM) strategy. With this development, Webex enables its customers and partners to deliver a fully-managed Cisco-on-Cisco experience with deep Webex integration, as well as a self-managed DM option for non-Cisco devices, enabling them to cater to new and already deployed SIP devices.

For Cisco devices, Webex Control Hub includes a complete set of DM tools that allow customized device configurations, bulk provisioning, self-activation, and automatic onboarding. For non-Cisco devices, the Partner Managed Devices DM option provides a robust, secure external API architecture that allows customers to provision and deploy their non-Cisco devices at scale by integrating their own or a Partner’s DM tool with Webex. The first such DM is Phonism.

Phonism is a cloud-based SaaS platform that specializes in deploying, managing, securing, and migrating compliant devices at scale. Phonism’s integration to Webex allows new and existing Webex customers to support onboarding any Cisco security compliant and certified device to the Webex platform at scale and with significant customizations via the Partner Managed Devices DM option. This opens new possibilities for Webex customers, specifically Service Providers to support multiple new devices on the Webex platform that were previously not supported, also making it easier to migrate customers from legacy on-prem UCaaS platforms onto Webex.

The integration with Phonism empowers Webex partners and customers to streamline and centralize their VoIP phone provisioning, management, compliance, and customer experience. Connecting these platforms provides an automatic hierarchy sync and imports devices into a feature-rich admin and user experience. Additionally, Phonism offers a compliance lock for supported devices on Webex, preventing the tampering or misconfiguration of settings and firmware.  Finally, with Phonism Technician onsite visits are greatly reduced as the self-service model eliminates most device-related support tickets.

Key benefits of using Partner Managed Devices Solution with Phonism:

  • Enables support for security compliant and cloud certified non-Cisco Devices on Webex.
  • Syncs and maps Webex users and devices into Phonism.
  • Eases non-Cisco device customizations
  • Supports Bulk Move, Add, Change, Delete Devices
  • Enables bulk configuration for non-Cisco devices through DM templating
  • Provides two-way integration by provisioning phones in either Webex or Phonism portals.
  • Simplifies remote command and control (reboot, reset to factory) for non-Cisco Devices.
  • Allows for faster and easier migrations of previously unsupported 3rd Party devices onto Webex Phonism platform supports 280+ Devices from 10+ Device Manufacturers and counting, making it easier to support a non-Cisco device on Webex

We are excited to share the Partner Managed Devices solution with the world. It enables partners and customers alike to support virtually 3rd party SIP Device for the Webex Calling and Wholesale offers. By providing a path to support non-Cisco devices, Please check out more information on Sales Connect or contact at:  webexcallingteam@cisco.com


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About Phonism:
Phonism is the market leading intelligent Device Lifecycle Management (iDLM) productivity platform enabling service providers, manufacturers, distributors and app developers eliminate complexities of provisioning, deploying, migrating and managing VoIP devices throughout their entire lifecycles.
Phonism was founded in 2012 in Tampa, Florida. In the past year alone, Phonism has doubled headcount and expanded offices on 3 continents. We make it easy for anyone in the VoIP ecosystem to support 270+ devices from 10+ manufacturers. Their vendor agnostic approach allows customers to expand TAM (Total Addressable Markets) by taking advantage of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) opportunities, enabling a host of previously unsupported devices the ability to now be powered by Cisco.

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Joseph Harsch

Director, Product Management

Cisco Webex Calling