On March 22nd, 2017, Cisco concluded its acquisition of AppDynamics, with a one set goal of providing its customers, the holistic visibility and actionable insights across their entire domain. Fast forward to 2021, Cisco AppDynamics, was crowned a leader in Gartner’s “Leaders Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring” for the 9th time in a row! Gartner recognized AppDynamics for its excellence in business analytics, intensified by Cisco’s broad portfolio of infrastructure software products. Meanwhile, Cisco also announced the launch of “Intersight Workload Optimizer” to further assure application performance from on-premises to cloud and completed its acquisition of ThousandEyes to allow customers to have an end-to-end view into the digital delivery of applications.

And, with the wheels moving forward as visualised, Cisco has now gradually shifted its business lens to “full-stack observability” enabling sublime business results whilst providing deep visibility into each core layer of the stack: Application, Infrastructure, Network and Security. Adhering to this, we at Black Belt Academy decided to move out, the AppDynamics learning modules, from the Data Center Curriculum and start the ball rolling for an independent standalone “AppDynamics Learning Hub”.

The Revamped “AppDynamics Pedagogy” on Cisco Black Belt Academy

The revised strategy for Partner enablement on AppDynamics, embarks by powering our partners with in-depth knowledge on the APM Platform, beginning with the evolution of the business application and how they can help their customers manage the modern applications. As they gradually gain ground, we equip them with hands-on specialized labs to ensure that they have the right skills to prepare an AppDynamics environment to use in a real customer scenario. Once, they are well versed with all the know-hows of the solution, we then press forward on “Full Stack Observability” and demystify the potential of Intersight Workload Optimizer and ThousandEyes in delivering that flawless application visibility together with AppDynamics. In the end, we divulge our partners to “Cross Architecture” concepts and the world of Cloud, emphasizing on how AppDynamics associates with other architectures and some of the top Cloud service providers.

Fundamental Highlights:

  • Elemental Knowledge: Articulate the values and key differentiators of AppDynamics and learn to identify customer pain points & business objectives whilst understanding on how to deliver a perfect pitch to your customers.
  • AppDynamics Proficiency: Get an in-depth architectural overview of how AppDynamics collects Application performance metrics and Business Insights using light agents to achieve cross-stack and business observability.
  • Business IQ: Learn how AppDynamics Business iQ delivers business performance monitoring and observability for every layer of your tech stack, so that you can work as one to prioritize what matters most.
  • Pricing & Licensing: Comprehend the entire functioning of Pricing & Licensing for AppDynamics including both the Agent and Infrastructure based licenses.
  • Sales Process: Learn about AppDynamics recipe for success and MEDDIC. Walk-through a step-by-step Sales Process of AppDynamics and how you can sell it effectively from all ends.
  • Competitive intel: Deep Dive into AppDynamics competitive advantages over our top three competitors – Dynatrace, Datadog and New Relic.
  • Demos: Get hands on a series of demos to showcase how to navigate and refine dashboards, investigate response times, and remove organizational boundaries to be more pro-active in your application monitoring.
  • Specialized Hands on PoC/PoV Labs: Ensure that you have the right skills and capabilities to prepare an AppDynamics Environment to use in a real customer Proof of Value (PoV) with a personalized “hand hold” experience from the Cisco AppDynamics team.
  • Full Stack Visibility: Learn how AppDynamics with IWO and ThousandEyes, provides observability for every layer of your customer’s tech stack, so that they can work as one to prioritize what matters most.
  • Cross Architecture & Cloud Context: Delineate all new “Cisco Secure Application” and understand how AppDynamics correlate with Cisco UCCE and IoT. Also, deep dive into the AppD’s alliance with the topmost cloud service providers like AWS, Azure and GCP along with AppD’s rapport with Cisco’s Strategic Partners like SAP and ServiceNow.

3 Stages for success: 1.) AppDynamics Fundamentals, 2.) Full stack observbility, and 3.) Cloud context & Cross-architecture

With these gradually changing dynamics of the Application world, don’t wait up any longer and get that firsthand experience on how your customers can observe what matters and get real time insights to transform application performance with AppDynamics “Application Performance Management” to drive best in class business outcomes. With AppDynamics Enablement on Cisco Black Belt Academy, you can strongly walk out to have those confident customer conversations and become an AppDynamics Master in no-time.

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AppDynamics Partner Enablement at the Black Belt Academy


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Umang Gupta

Content Business Development Manager

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