Now, more than ever, businesses and organizations need agility, speed, and innovation to thrive. Business continuity is table stakes, while applications are the mechanism for engaging and delivering secure, innovative user experiences that supercharge business and strengthen customer loyalty for the long term.

So, how do you manage hundreds—maybe thousands—of high-performing enterprise, web, and mobile applications, securely and with minimal latency, while also optimizing for cost?

Cisco has partnered with Equinix to do just that. Equinix offers a global industry-leading footprint of 210 data centers located in 26 countries, provides private interconnections to clouds, and seamlessly integrates with network service providers. In fact, 96 percent of all Internet traffic flows through Equinix data centers.

 “Our partnership with Cisco places the customer outcome at the center of our shared focus and energies. The combination of Cisco’s market leadership in networking, compute and security solutions with Equinix’s global reach, our comprehensive ecosystem of digital platforms and range of interconnection options, delivers digital advantage that transforms enterprises and industries.” – Greg Adgate, Equinix, VP Global Channel Programs

Core to this partnership is the realization that the enterprise wide area network (WAN) provides the foundation for cloud deployments and digitally transformative initiatives.

Most applications bridge both private infrastructure and public clouds. Cisco, in partnership with Equinix, gives customers a broad choice of solutions and deployment options to optimize their WAN architectures for applications that connect users, remote headquarters, branches, and the data center to cloud providers to:

  • Deliver the best quality user experience
  • Protect against cyber threats and meet compliance requirements
  • Reduce overall costs and operational complexity

In the scheme of things, it’s also important to realize the how and where an enterprise connects to the cloud matters:

  • Public Internet connections can cause “jitter” and latency that impact the user experience, especially if there is international backhaul required.
  • Distance between endpoints and the data center raises bandwidth and network costs.
  • Cloud provider data egress charges increase overall operating costs.
  • Indirect data access and lack of visibility into data in transit increase security risks.

Cisco’s SDWAN solutions help businesses and organizations deliver optimal and secure application experiences through a broad choice of deployment options that offer four key benefits:

1. Increase application performance: Dramatically reduce latency, optimize data paths, and allocate bandwidth appropriately to the clouds at Equinix.

2. Reduce costs: Streamline branch deployment, bringing users closer to applications through private interconnections at Equinix, while also simplifying troubleshooting and accelerating problem resolution to reduce CapEx and OpEx.

3. Optimize security: Reduce CapEx by consolidating security measures at the central point of presence. Provide a full edge security stack from branch to colocation site to the cloud—for the right security at the right place.

4. Scale: Simplify deployment with prevalidated deployment architecture and services. Manage branch, colocation, cloud, and security with a single dashboard.

Cisco is helping companies create agile, distributed, and secure connectivity for the needs of businesses, organizations, and their customers. By integrating Cisco’s cloud and SD-WAN solutions on the Equinix platform, customers have the speed and flexibility to connect to clouds, SaaS, PaaS, networks, and service providers, which helps us support business continuity needs and enables better end-user experiences.

You can learn more by downloading the whitepaper, Network Transformation with Cisco SD-WAN and Equinix Interconnection Oriented Architecture, and check out the ITPro Today webinar, Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey featuring our joint partner World Wide Technology.


To learn more about how Cisco and Equinix are
working together, please visit www.cisco.com/go/equinix.


Mary Perisic

Partner Executive

Global Strategic Partner Organization