The Town of Mooresville, North Carolina has it all: a rock-skip proximity to the state’s largest man-made lake, small town vibes, a historic downtown, and easy access to urban hubs and airports. Mooresville is also NASCAR country, just a few checker-flags away from Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The area is growing fast. Residents and business owners want more information, which means more calls coming into municipal offices. Town leadership knew they needed a more efficient way to field calls and route directly to their 20+ departments.

Imagicle says…

Thankfully, improving queue efficiency and simplifying call routes are right up our alley.

As a certified Solution Partner, we worked with Cisco to build off Mooresville’s existing Cisco Call Manager 11.5.1 infrastructure – 450 extensions across 40 locations, multiple vendors, 10 secretaries and operators – and implemented Imagicle Apps for Customer Service, including operator console, advanced queueing and auto attendant.

Callers are now greeted by a friendly, custom message from the newly-minted Auto-Attendant, which takes callers through a set of numbered choices that lead to the desired department or subject. Thanks to Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise (advanced queueing solution), the calls are then routed to the appropriate operators waiting to help, who can handle them quickly and easily through Imagicle’s Attendant Console.

Together, Imagicle and Cisco helped the Town of Mooresville scale back on what had become a sprawling IT footprint, while giving staff new ways to manage customer service. Now all their apps live behind a single pane of glass, meaning supervisors can monitor KPIs in real time and operators can check on the status of calls through one dashboard.

Best of all, the new customer service features – telephone functions, contacts, list of handled calls just a click away within an attractive, easy-to-use interface – saved the Town an average of eight hours a week for customer service management.

That’s something to get revved up about, no matter where you live.

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McCall Moore

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