The Security You Need (Before You Know You Need It)

September 29, 2016 - 1 Comment

Fall is finally here! Last weekend, the temperature dropped, so I cruised to the store with my windows down and my stereo playing Jack Johnson. I parked to run inside and get the few quick items. For a moment, I debated whether or not to roll up my windows. What’s the harm?

Spoiler alert: I rolled them up and locked the car. Why? I’m in the business of security and threat mitigation. I knew I would be tempting fate.

But what does my trip to the store have to do with a security breach? If I left my car open and it was stolen, I would have felt like a bonehead (and my wife may echo the sentiment). I would be dealing with police, the insurance company and car dealers all day instead of enjoying the sunshine. Just like a stolen car, a network security breach can happen any day, any time – but it can also be prevented. So why aren’t you doing the simplest combination of things to protect yourself?

Now, we all know that using the best solution isn’t always simple and vice versa. Wait…that’s not true! We offer both.

Your customers are looking to you to make sense of security solutions. But which one will truly protect their businesses and their people? Which one stops breaches before they happen? Which one has the best time-to-resolution in the industry?

The answer: Cisco.

We help you deliver everything your customers need from advisory and managed services to integration of all the right solutions to support after the installation. And how could I forget to mention that these solutions will help you maximize your profits!

How? By giving you everything you need to sell and market such as:

It’s simple…just like rolling up the windows and locking the door.


This blog series explores how Cisco helps before, during and after a security breach as well as supply chain breaches. Learn how to take advantage of Cisco’s security product sales incentives and how to best market them. Come back next week to learn how Cisco helps you during a security breach.


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  1. I’ve finished the reading of the first of your blog post, and I am in a hurry to read the next three that will come next (I hope soon). Why?, because I think you make your key point an assertion of what is the most important issue in nowadays, and a big concern to any kind of customer, “Security”, for the industry environment (PLCs, PACs, SCADA, etc), for Research & Design Labs, for Financial Services, etc. I’ve repeated through many of Cisco Social Rewards’ blog post, my personal slogan, the one, I usually share with my colleagues: “In Cisco We Trust”, Why again?, support, collaboration, reliability, timely responses, great customer care, true innovation, its strong market presence, team work achiving their goals, no matter how complex any task could be, generous philantrophy without borders. That’s an excerpt of my personal insights when I think of Cisco.