When you oversee university networks, you need to keep your content online 24/7 for students, faculty and staff to access anytime, anywhere, dynamically and automatically—everything from online lectures to parking maps to cafeteria menus to campus safety. Network and Infrastructure programmability is key to making this dynamic digital strategy a reality!

For years, the University of Portland relied on Cisco to deliver a secure and trustworthy network that not only focuses on technology consumption, but also implementation. Implementation that is secure, fast and “future proof.” Now, the University wanted to take it to the next level with Cisco leading the way on their digital strategy.

IGNW says…

The multi-partner route to market is yielding big business results for Cisco’s customers base and new, un-tapped pipelines for partners like us. And the first step to unlock new business opportunities, is providing the contemporary skills and expertise in order to compliment and implement digital solutions.

As a Cisco Digital Solutions Integrator (DSI) partner, IGNW does just that. We are able to customize Cisco solutions via automation, customized software and API’s in complex digital environments in order to deliver dynamic business outcomes for the customer.

For the University of Portland, IGNW partnered with Presidio, who owned the customer relationship and was focused on developing their digital transformation. Then, we stepped in to both help the customer leverage the existing technology that Presidio positioned, and then to execute on the automation, programmability and DevOps strategies that were needed in order to facilitate their transformation.

Now that’s the power of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem.

And the story doesn’t stop there…

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McCall Moore

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