Partner Success Story

In the pursuit of knowledge, creativity knows no bounds. Or so they say.

But administrators at the Parkland School District in northern Alberta, Canada knew its teachers and students were missing out. Schools were spread across the region, some in remote locations, which meant it was difficult for teachers to effectively reach every student with the material they needed. Access to resources and field trips was also limited to those within close proximity, leaving many without these learning opportunities. There was also no way for students in different schools to share information or learn from each other.

The schools needed fewer logistical challenges and more real-world opportunities to engage students. And they knew better connectivity was the answer. If teachers and students could use technology to better engage and work more collaboratively with peers, everyone would benefit.

The District turned to Compugen – a Cisco ecosystem partner and one of Canada’s largest IT providers – for help. Compugen placed Cisco TelePresence technology in 13 schools. This had the power to bring teachers and students together across the region with a push of a button.

The high definition video and clear audio prompted one student to say the experience felt like “being there live” in another classroom. Teachers said it felt like “opening the classroom walls.” They liked the way the technology gave every student a voice – not only in their own classroom and community, but also in the region and beyond. Teachers now had the tools they needed to better prepare students to succeed in a digital world.

Another example of the Cisco ecosystem removing obstacles for customers and inspiring new connections. In the case of Alberta’s Parkland School District, this meant turning every day into a virtual field trip.

Between traditional and digital learning, there’s a bridge.


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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing