Author: Rob Lopez

Rob Lopez is NTT’s Global Executive Vice President Intelligent Infrastructure. Rob’s key focus is to ensure NTT transforms its services, capabilities and go-to-market to assist clients in building and managing cloud, data center, networking and security infrastructure to be responsive to their business, application and data needs, whilst reducing overall costs and operational complexity. Rob originally joined Dimension Data Solutions as a Business Development Manager in 1992, and has held numerous leadership positions before joining the group executive team in 2013. He is now part of NTT’s senior leadership team based in London and has assumed executive responsibility for our partnership with Cisco Systems globally. Rob received a National Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Johannesburg.


For the past 28 years, NTT Ltd. has worked with Cisco and other world leading technology partners to provide solutions for some of the world’s most challenging dilemmas through the innovative use of technology and it is now my great pleasure to be leading NTT’s global relationship with Cisco, and to share some of what NTT has been working on with you.

At NTT Ltd, we believe in using technology for good. As a purpose-led business, we are enabling a connected future through the work we do with our clients, finding ways technology can help during these extraordinary times. Recently, NTT Ltd. has been able to apply this principle as we’ve been helping our clients including governments, hospitals and other essential businesses remain productive and adjust to a “new normal.”  With employees in over 73 countries, we moved quickly to enable our employees to work from home if possible.

Just as quickly, we also started thinking of ways to help those who didn’t have the option to work from home—healthcare workers.

In the UK and Ireland, NTT Ltd.  helped many hospitals implement Cisco Webex solutions for secure communications. We provided a cloud solution in which hospitals can use Webex as a platform for secure video communication—easily managed and setup by ward admins—allowing quarantined patients to communicate with their family in the outside world.

We’re supporting a leading American teaching hospital in California as they roll out the Cisco Healthcare Webex CC quick start program to create a failover contact center for their organization. The client is now planning to use it for public health epidemiological investigations and aggressive contact tracing, which was shown to be very effective in South Korea.

But our efforts stretch beyond healthcare. An outsourced accounting firm in Asia needed access to its clients’ financial applications. Understandably, the clients will only allow a trusted connection. We were able to rapidly provide a Cisco AnyConnect VPN solution, including appropriate technical support allowing its own accountants and financial professionals, now working remotely, to access clients’ systems outside of their trusted network.

The steps we’ve taken to help our clients during this time will allow them to continue to serve their customers well into the future—whether or not that future remains based around remote working or not.

What we do know is that as society continues to navigate these new rules of quarantine and social distancing, the way that we communicate, do business, and exchange information will likely never be the same.

Now, more than ever, we are creating this new future together. Looking ahead, we are focused on supporting and helping our clients. Our goal is to provide the necessary collaboration tools, digital events, cybersecurity and enhanced logistics support. Earlier in the month our Security team launched our Hospital Incident Response proposition, providing services for healthcare providers impacted by a cyber-attack, at no cost. It’s our small way of helping the heroes in our community right now. We’ve already responded to six hospitals around the world in the last few days and continue to get requests for help every day.

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