Understanding your applications and network in depth—how applications and infrastructure are performing, or not—is what observability offers to your business. Briefly defined, full-stack observability (FSO) is real-time observability across applications, software-defined compute, storage, services, network, etc. FSO offers in-depth visibility into the behavior, performance, and health of applications and infrastructure through metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT)—providing visibility, insights and actions that help teams optimize customer experiences and deliver business outcomes.

The observability challenges

The digital transformation journey encompasses migration to a hybrid and multicloud ecosystem that is increasingly diverse, distributed, and complex. Both applications and operations must be more agile and responsive, and many organizations struggle with the skillsets and resources to manage this. In fact, 76% of 1200 interviewees in a recent survey regard skills as a critical factor in achieving their customer and employee experience goals.

Developers and IT are looking to partners that can provide outcomes—opting for a managed service model rather than simply deploying tools. Applications and operations are delivering vast amounts of data, so transforming that data into business value and operational context is a matter of urgency.

NTT 360 Observability Powered by Cisco

NTT’s newly announced offering, NTT 360 Observability Powered by Cisco helps customers develop an intelligent observability strategy, leveraging Cisco AppDynamics®, ThousandEyes®, and NTT managed services. NTT’s offerings help identify an organization’s pain around business and IT performance, clarify the impact on the business and operations, implement to optimize performance, and then proceed with ongoing monitoring.

  • Observability Maturity Assessment: In-depth advisory engagement to help customers understand their current state of monitoring capability and improve performance management and operational maturity
  • Multi-cloud Application Observability: Outcome-based, fixed-price plan to optimize use of existing monitoring tools and help customers to gain full observability for maximum business and operations value from them
  • Observability Expert Advisory: Ongoing technical or consulting services to provide FSO through NTT’s central delivery platform and enable key stakeholders to see application uptime in operational context and receive business metrics on business operations

The benefits of NTT 360 Observability Powered by Cisco are powerful, particularly for organizations engaged in a digital transformation journey. NTT 360 Observability helps organizations deliver exceptional user and customer experience, while also optimizing performance, reducing costs, and maximizing digital business revenue.

IT teams can gain real-time visibility and a comprehensive view of distributed environments. This capability allows them to monitor all aspects of the system across applications, networks, and infrastructure—offering application and business insights; prioritizing remediations and optimizations; and correlating information to application performance metrics, business transactions, and KPIs.

In business, your technology decisions shape everything you do. You need the right solutions, the right advice, the right partners. And compromise is not an option. That’s why, for 30+ years, organizations around the world have been turning to NTT and Cisco.


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