To me, spring has always been a wonderful time of the year — the season of new beginnings.  Spring is when the temperature becomes pleasant and we can enjoy more hours of daylight.  I am sure many of us think spring is also the time to “spring clean”.  Many years ago, homes were heated with fireplaces and cooking was done on burning stoves.  Homes were buttoned down to the cold winter eliminating soot and dirt to escape.  Spring became known as the time of the year to clean our homes and revitalize ourselves for the new year.

We all know this past spring felt a little different.  We struggled with the magnitude of instability in our personal and professional lives that we have never experienced.  Over the past several months, many of us have felt every emotion imaginable.  Why is this happening? How can I help others? What can I do now to prepare for tomorrow?  Change, while difficult, brings the occasion to become stronger and restored.

During this time of uncertainty, it is important we stay connected with our friends, family, communities, and our customers.  Our CEO, Chuck Robbins recently stated. “This situation has brought an undisputable clarity: Infrastructure matters, and the network, security, and collaboration solutions we build are critical.  Cisco has never been more relevant or had such an important role to play for our customers.”

To energize our relevance with partners and customers, the Americas Partner Organization launched a special development series simply called Spring Training — a personal spring-cleaning to help us re-imagine what’s possible and strengthen our rebound.  The goal was to reinvigorate our skills to better serve our partners and customers.  The series incorporated topics to refresh our sales skills, how sales plays accelerate business outcomes, and building customer relevance.

Just like a typical spring cleaning for our homes, the recent spring training series was assembled to declutter our thoughts, so we may focus our energy to efficiently help customers achieve stability in this ever-changing world.

Cisco wants to extend our recent spring time learning experience and invite partners to participate.  Visit HERE to gain full access to the recordings of all the sessions.

The future is what we make it.  Together with our partners, we will thrive to focus on what we can control.  Let us consciously choose to be the best we can be – our customers more than ever depend on it.



Jay Lane

Business Development Manager

Americas Partner Organization