As Cisco partners, you’ve let us know that deal registration is your most valued profitability program. However, you’ve also made it clear that it has too many sub-programs and rules to remember!

We understand. When you drive profitability behaviors, like hunting or teaming, you should be able to receive the best available discounts without the hassle and complexity of figuring out the incentive selection process.

In response, I have good news: We have heard your feedback. Based on your input, we have invested in creating a new, faster, simpler deal registration experience launching on March 7th.

As of that date, what can you expect when you are processing deals?

  1. The new simplified interface takes the guesswork out of the registration process, allowing you to see how eligibility and selling behaviors contribute to net pricing.
  2. Intelligence within the system ensures that you get the best pricing advantage on every deal, based on your eligibility. This automatic support reduces the need to escalate, minimizes time to register, and improves deal approval times.

We have also clarified many of the program names and restructured them under a single deal registration incentive process. Incentives have been reorganized by the results achieved through selling behaviors, such as hunting, teaming, and migrating, as well as the customer vertical you sell into. For example:

  • Advantaged Pricing from hunting and teaming
  • Migration incentives (formerly MIP) by migrating or displacing AND returning Cisco or non-Cisco equipment
  • Technology and Industry incentives for selling into customer verticals or technologies

Many of your partner colleagues collaborated with us to help create the new incentive structure, ensuring that you continue to be rewarded for these behaviors just as before, with fewer acronyms to decode.

How can you best prepare for the switch to simplified deal registration?

Step 1. The system update will occur between the close of business on March 5th (CST) and March 7th (CST). All deals need to be completely approved to stay valid and active in the new system. Any deals still pending at the close of business on March 5th (CST) will need to be reregistered after the launch on March 7th.

Step 2. Learn about the benefits and features of simplified deal registration by visiting the Race for the Deal interactive experience, designed to help you prepare –  and have a bit of fun at the same time!

Step 3. Bookmark the simplified deal registration transition guide and enroll or watch a recording of a partner learning session.

This single, guided deal registration experience will help further demonstrate the value you bring to customers while accelerating your profitability and speed to market. Happy selling!


Sarah Sorrell

Business Development Manager

Profitability Programs