Dan Sheldon, Senior Consulting Systems Engineer at WWT, has a truly ambitious goal for using technology worldwide: celebrate uniquely local stories.  Here, we discuss how he prepares to “climb every mountain.”


Before taking the first step on any new journey, we need to know what our support systems is.  Cisco Partners help customers embark on transformational endeavors, providing guidance, course correction, and assistance, step by step by step.  One of the reasons why World Wide Technology (WWT) recognized Dan Sheldon as its Systems Engineer of the year in 2020 (East), is because of his commitment to guiding customers through a journey that no one could have foreseen.  Nevertheless, Dan’s extensive experience in mountaineering, helped him be ready to put his many years of training and preparation into action. He was able to quickly deploy solutions that helped entire organizations work remotely, securely; seamlessly.


There is no guaranteed way to predict the future, but we can still prepare for it.  A strong connection to a trusted partner can help us venture into territory that may be new for us, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be uncharted.  Dan is working with customers to design the infrastructure for their journey into hybrid cloud, which includes contingency plans for the stormy weather, that can be caused by the ever-increasing number of new apps and personal devices, being brought into the network.

Some of the tools that Dan Sheldon relies on, as he leads teams through the fog are:

Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW): Cisco’s tool for Partners, that keeps you a step up above the competition.


Smart Accounts/Smart Licensing: Cisco’s licensing portal that helps you quickly find the exact item you need.


How do you challenge your limits as a human, and truly take computing to the edge?  Dan is planning to put all kinds of infrastructure to the test by climbing the highest mountain in every continent.  Be part of his journey, as he prepares to greet the world again, this time with our collectively shared experience of survival, and perseverance.  Follow his updates at @SheldonClimbs and make sure to connect with him, if he is traveling to a peak near you!  Each and every person on the planet is creating something new, in this post-Pandemic world.  Together, let’s take the next steps into re-connecting and re-discovering the people, the technology, the goals!

“Each and every person on the planet is connected in innumerous ways; in this post-pandemic world,
let’s take the steps to learn each other’s stories and rediscover the fantastic environment we all share.”

– Dan Sheldon



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