For NYU campuses around the world, protecting data and connecting staff and students is now a reality.

Connecting university campuses around the world can be complicated. Critical research needs to be both available and secure. Different countries require different compliance. And you have thousands of students, staff, faculty and guests accessing your network. For a system they could rely on, NYU Shanghai asked our partner in Greater China, ECCOM, to help them integrate them into the global NYU network.

ECCOM says…

New York University in Shanghai is the first Sino-US joint venture with independent legal status that’s been approved by the Ministry of Education in China. It’s part of NYU’s global network that also includes a site in Abu Dhabi and its original campus in New York City. Connecting these universities with each other presents a big security challenge. Not just from a network security standpoint – handling mobile apps, BYOD, staff, students, and branches around the world. But the research different departments are doing needs to be both shareable and protected.

As one of Cisco’s biggest partner in China, our experience gave us the expertise to build a solution that could grow with NYU Shanghai. Using Cisco Enterprise and Security, we took a systematic Information Security Lifecycle approach to establish a sound security management foundation, building NYU Shanghai an IT infrastructure that can respond to any security challenge.


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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing