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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on robust networking infrastructure to stay competitive and ensure smooth operations. Cisco, as a leading networking and communication technology, understands the importance of providing comprehensive support to its partners. With its Support Track, the Cisco Black Belt Academy offers support contents to partners and empowers them to deliver exceptional solutions and services. The Support track has undergone a refresh in June 2023 with its content compartmentalized into two stages.

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Black Belt Support Stage 1

Stage 1 includes updates on Cisco TAC, Cisco RMA, Cisco Smart Account and Licensing, and Cisco Useful Self-help tools and links. These updates aid partners and customers in understanding and navigating through Cisco support services better. The resources provide insights into the need to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

The stage is designed to provide a foundational understanding of how the support functionality works while stressing on the targeted issues they cater to. It covers best practices for working with TAC, a team of highly trained technical experts, along with the escalation procedures.

The track also offers cadence to the speedy redressal of your hardware, software, and licensing related issues with targeted information about the best practices and procedures for accessing Cisco RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and Cisco Smart Account and Licensing services. The track also offers a plethora of self-help tools and links that equip partners and customers with the know-how to troubleshoot and resolve issues on their own.

Black Belt Support Stage 2

Stage 2 is designed for advanced-level troubleshooting. Taking due cognizance of the complexity of issues, the stage is segmented to cater to technology-specific grievances. Hence, the Support track is segmented into the following technological hierarchies:

  • Cisco Data Center Cisco Collaboration
  • Cisco Enterprise Networking
  • Cisco Security
  • Cisco Service Provider
  • Meraki

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