From spotty wifi to digital marketing. How Purple digitized pizza.

PizzaExpress is known around the world for its great party food and fun atmosphere. But their restaurants in the Middle East had a problem. Their customer database was stale and small. Only 22k users signed up in seven years.

And, their wifi was patchy – unreliable enough that customers complained. When the wifi worked, it didn’t route any info back to PizzaExpress; no details on how often customers came or their favorite orders. So they reached out to our partner Purple, a wifi analytic expert, for help.

Purple says…

We worked with Cisco and CDW to set up PizzaExpress with a guest wifi that gathered analytics. It was fast and secure. CDW pulled together a solution with hardware, software, and services.

The benefits were clear fast:

  • First e-shot campaign drove £9,000 in incremental sales, sides and drinks. (Now they’re experimenting with 2-for-1 offers as they didn’t expect so many redemptions.)
  • 10k unique active guest emails collected in the first two weeks
  • Increased daily sales by £1000
  • 52% increase in Facebook page likes in less than a month
  • 181% increase in page impressions in the first 4 weeks

Analytics from these engagements are used to distribute offers, track social interaction, and monitor customer demographics and frequency of visits. Based on what they discovered, PizzaExpress offered customers incentives – vouchers for drinks, starters, and dessert to increase loyalty. And, they’re looking next at venue tagging to learn more about where their customers are coming from, so they can decide where to open new branches.

Initially it was just a rollout in the UAE, but it was so successful that they installed it in all 450 UK restaurants as well. The rest of the world is next!

Thanks, Purple!

The story doesn’t end there.

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing