To show yet again how vital the Cisco Solution Partners are to our Cisco Partner Ecosystem, we’re highlighting how KEMP Technologies helped cloud services provider Peak 10 implement new infrastructure to keep up with customer demand.

With more than a decade of experience as an IT provider, Peak 10’s clients trust the company’s fully managed cloud solutions to deliver performance, availability and flexibility without needing users to invest a significant amount of time and money in establishing an independent data center.

Peak 10’s unique environment is designed specifically for production workloads and business-critical applications that require high standards of availability and performance. As Peak 10’s demand for services grew, it realized that its existing infrastructure simply couldn’t keep up.  The company faced multiple challenges in managing multiple cloud clusters that were difficult to scale and manage.  Since the biggest obstacle to growth was the physical infrastructure associated with the cloud, the Peak 10 team turned to Cisco UCS to overcome these hurdles.

Additionally, a large percentage of Peak 10’s customers needed the assurance of guaranteed availability for both planned and unplanned maintenance at the application level. Peak 10 chose KEMP, a leader in the application delivery control space, as the final piece needed to complete the new data center puzzle. KEMP’s innovative LoadMaster Software offers load balancing with the highest possible performance and responsiveness and operates from within the Cisco Unified Fabric.

By migrating its virtual data centers to an environment built around Cisco UCS, with the added benefits from KEMP, Peak 10 was able to achieve the following results:

  • Enhanced scalability and disaster recovery
  • Achieved 24-hour, cloud-based availability for critical applications
  • Reduced deployment time from more than a day to less than one hour

The combination of Cisco UCS and KEMP’s technology enabled Peak 10 to offer incredible scalability and continuity for customers using the organization’s cloud-based services and gave them the value they needed to stand out in the market.

Be sure to read the full case study and share your thoughts with us in the comments section, and look out for more partner success stories to come. We really enjoy sharing the successes of our partners in the Partner Voices series. If you are a Cisco partner offering a unique solution to customer issues using our technology, contact me! I would be more than happy to discuss featuring your solution on the Cisco Partner Blog. You can always reach me directly at dadurham@cisco.com or just use the comments section below.


David Durham

Content Strategist