Today, innovative new technologies, customer demands, changing buying behaviors, and the pandemic have accelerated customers’ digital transformation. These factors, along with specific industry trends, are changing customers’ expectations of our partners.

Customers increasingly expect partners to deliver solutions or services that drive measurable outcomes and delightful new experiences. For the first time, our partners are not only vying with their competitors, but also with the last and best experience their customers had.

But, let’s be honest, changes in the market and accelerating digital transformation is something that already keeps you up at night.

How can Cisco Meraki help?

At Meraki, we love to push the boundaries. We love to experiment and make things simpler, faster, and smarter so our partners can deliver the best outcomes and experiences. One of the many ways we do this is through our API capabilities. Whether it is enabling enterprise-wide automation, object detection from a second generation MV smart camera or managing and monitoring Meraki networks at scale, Meraki APIs make it possible.

How do you learn more about Meraki APIs? How can you leverage these APIs to deliver outcomes? How do you become a Meraki Technology Solutions Partner? How do you get your solution listed on the Meraki marketplace?

Knowing where to start and what to do next can make all the difference. For this reason, we have created the Meraki Ecosystem Partner Journey.

This guides you through the process of becoming a Meraki Technology Solutions partner, links to the documentation that educate you on the Meraki APIs, and includes the business and technical requirements needed to discover the power of the Meraki marketplace.

Are you excited to join us and push the boundaries to meet—or exceed–customers’ expectations? Great!


Let’s get started!


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Ana Nennig

Solutions Marketing Manager, Ecosystem + Developers

Cisco Meraki