Vbrick provides the most comprehensive and reliable enterprise-wide video delivery solution for your business. Large or small, Vbrick’s Rev platform has the ability to unify your entire organization, seamlessly embedding video communications within core business applications.

Whether you want to watch a webinar, rebroadcast a CEO’s speech, or go back 30 seconds in a presentation, Vbrick has you covered.

Vbrick says…

We simplify the complexity of creating, managing and delivering video for use within the enterprise. From a management perspective, the video on demand (VOD) features are in a class of their own. Users can easily search, select and watch any company event, pre-recorded meeting or relevant live TV shows.

Our advanced analytics features also allow administrators to see who watched each video, at what length and what issues might exist in their playback. Best of all, video playback is supported across multiple devices including lobby display, personal desktop or mobile phone, all on one dashboard.

Say goodbye to poor pixelated video quality and lost signals. Vbrick now has the most reliable Enterprise Content Delivery Network on the market. Vbrick’s Rev is rock solid, built on top of an extremely robust and scalable platform.

Vbrick has been a trusted Cisco Integrator partner for years, recognized this year as Cisco’s ISV Partner of the Year. We understand the entire suite of Cisco collaboration products – Endpoints, Webex Teams and Webex Meetings – all working seamlessly together on our Rev platform. Meaning, we are able to share ideas, trends and feedback from customers to constantly keep things fresh and updated.

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