Adam Saenger, CenturyLink Vice President, Adaptive Networking
Author: Adam Saenger

Adam Saenger is Lumen’s Vice President of Adaptive Networking. Adam is responsible for leading all aspects of Lumen’s global adaptive networking business, a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of advanced solutions, including VPN, hybrid networking, software defined networking/virtualization, managed services, voice, and real-time communications.  Prior to his current role, Saenger spent 19 years in various executive positions at Level 3 Communications and TW telecom where he led global product development, strategic alliances, digital interaction strategy, and product management.


Over the last few months, we have experienced some changes not only to the way we live, but how we work. These changes have led to significant increases in internet usage and network traffic.

Companies across the globe – and their amazing people – have shown that they can respond and pivot – Lumen included.  We are taking active measures to help customers, partners and employees prioritize their well-being and safety.  Recent circumstances highlight how powerful Lumen’s purpose-built network is. Our agile infrastructure has handled the rapidly growing bandwidth consumption from today’s divergent needs and digital interactions. It shows that our network can quickly and securely scale to meet the demands of real-time traffic increases.

Cisco works closely with global internet service providers like Lumen to deliver enterprise-level network expertise wherever it’s needed. This long-standing partnership enables us to leverage the combined expertise of both companies to create leading IT infrastructure solutions for our customers, especially during their time of need.

photo of centurylink vehicle in front of USNS MercyIn a recent real-world example, Lumen stepped up when the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) needed high-speed internet to connect the floating hospital U.S. Naval Ship (USNS) Mercy to shore-based facilities this past March. The company quickly assembled an on-site team to get the job done, and what would normally take days to deploy, took only a few hours.

Lumen quickly installed and donated high-speed connectivity to the hospital ship just hours after it arrived at the port of Los Angeles. We waived installation fees for a 1 gigabit Ethernet circuit to support our nation’s military and healthcare professionals who provided medical assistance to patients.

Along with supplying high-speed internet for the USNS Mercy, we also donated high-speed connectivity and waived installation fees for several field hospital operations. Working with state and local government agencies, Lumen rapidly installed ethernet with speeds ranging from 200 Mbps up to 1 Gigabit at multiple locations, including:

Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center, Salem, Oregon

The home of the Oregon State Fair, and numerous other yearly events, was turned into a temporary field hospital for 250 patients in recovery. Lumen provided a 1 gigabit ethernet connection to enable telemedicine.

King County and Seattle locations, Washington

Over the past months, quarantine locations have been quickly set up across King County. Lumen provided high-speed fiber connections for all eight of those locations treating COVID-19 patients.

Keeping mission-critical operations accessible, such as these telemedicine efforts that rely on a modern network, has never been more important. Organizations today are realizing just how important it is to have a highly dynamic network that can react and adapt quickly to add capacity where it’s needed.

We continue to work closely with Cisco to help solve the challenges of home-bound employees who have moved to long-term and permanent work-from-home environments. Through an extension of Lumen’s Adaptive Networking solutions, we are extending the corporate IT network to “work from home” environments through our turn-key Remote Connect powered by Cisco Meraki. This new solution provides a safe, virtual private connection from the home to a corporate wide-area network (WAN) and can now be easily self-installed on top of employees’ existing internet service to enable greater security and a better way to manage the new enterprise work model.

Working together, we stand ready to help customers solve challenges of transformation and adaptation to local and global dynamics that change the way people connect and communicate.

Reach out to us for more information about how a modern network can support your organization’s mission-critical efforts now and in the future.

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