When the Pandemic hit our World, two years back, everyone’s life changed. There was an unexpected and a sudden shift from what we were accustomed to and everything started to seem way more complicated and unconventional. This was certainly not just restricted to how we lived or how we dealt with various stuff on a day to day basis, but it tremendously transformed the Digital World as well. With the increasing consumer demand, companies started “digitally delivering” every little thing possible. And to manifest the idea of this Digital only world, the door opened to tons and tons of distributed applications. Businesses were in distress and there was an obvious IT complexity. There were blind spots the IT teams were dealing with on an everyday basis and they needed to see more to do more.

The Advent of Full Stack observability from Cisco: Moving beyond domain monitoring

As per recent statistics, there will be close to 500M new applications in the next 3 years and 80% of customer interactions will be digital. Customers are craving for unmatched application experience and IT teams can no longer depend on short term solutions. Even with the heaps of “Data Noise”, they need to make every decision faster with accurate real time data. Full-stack observability provided by Cisco solutions, helps our customers move beyond domain monitoring and gain full-stack visibility, insights, and actions. Application performance can now be correlated across the entire technology stack, helping the IT teams to be proactive in solving issues and in turn optimize application experiences.

The foundation of Full Stack Observability (FSO) architecture is set upon the integrations across AppDynamics, Cisco ThousandEyes and Cisco Intersight. AppDynamics adds the business context and correlation, ThousandEyes enable application performance to be correlated to the network and internet services that connect users and Cisco Intersight ensures application performance with minimal cloud costs. Together these solutions lay forth the power to transform business operations and deliver flawless customer experiences with an up scaled revenue stream.

Your customers tired of Siloed Data? You want to pitch a solution that can change your customer’s life? – Learn about Full Stack Observability on Cisco Black Belt Academy!

Black Belt Academy has always been a top ambassador of Cisco’s Vision and Goals. We have always tried to keep our partners informed and educated on every new solution or technology that gets added to Cisco’s Portfolio. And to adhere to our mission, we have recently launched the all new “Full Stack Observability” track on Black Belt Academy.

Now before highlighting what the track has to offer, let’s deal with that one question which is generally put forward – Why exactly a new track when Black Belt Academy already has separate AppDynamics, Intersight and ThousandEyes Learning Maps? To answer the question plain and straight – With the new track, our intent is not to teach you about the individual foundational products, instead, our purpose is to upskill our partners on pitching and selling Cisco’s Full Stack observability solution as one single package that can transform every customer’s digital experience.

The “Full Stack Observability track” on Cisco Black Belt Academy put forwards a concise curriculum that teaches you about the solution whilst explaining you in great detail, the tricks and tips of pitching it to your customer, the know-hows and the crucial ways of leading a customer conversation to Cisco FSO. After completing the track you will understand:

  • The value of Full stack Observability to your customers.
  • Ways to Build a Full Stack Observability practice.
  • Elevator pitch points.
  • Persona’s to pitch FSO to and discovering an opportunity.
  • Use cases and competitive talk points.
  • Industry conversation starters – Vertical Solution Selling.
  • Ordering aspects of the Full Stack Observability solution and the new Cisco Enterprise Agreement 3.0.
  • Customer Success Stories.

In addition to this, the track includes a series of demos that makes you adept in explaining the business value of the FSO solution to your customer.

In short, Black Belt Academy gives you the complete handout/ Guide to walk your customer in the right direction of great digital experiences – with Cisco’s Full stack observability!


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Umang Gupta

Content Business Development Manager

Cisco Black Belt Academy