Partner Success Story

For more than 175 years, health provider Die Zieglerschen has taken care of people across Germany. Today, they run facilities in 60 places—from health clinics to senior citizen centers to kindergartens. Each with their own IT needs.

That’s a lot of systems to keep up with. A lot of people who rely on their apps to deliver timely care. Not to mention the important data they store about patients, treatments, and everything in between. It was all becoming a heavy load for their 13-person IT team to handle.

So to keep up with the pace of healthcare, the provider needed to make their systems run faster. They needed to roll out new solutions from a single place. And they needed to store a lot of sensitive medical data efficiently and safely.

That’s why Die Zieglerschen switched to FlashStack. It combines Cisco UCS servers and networks with Pure Storage’s all-flash storage. This lets them store apps and vast amounts of data virtually. With efficient storage components that use much less power, cooling, and space in a data center.

After a “flawless” FlashStack rollout, their data and apps work better than ever. On the front end, patients and caregivers can log in and use apps with ease. Behind the scenes, IT can take lightning-quick snapshots of their data every 15 minutes. And they’ve reduced down from a full storage rack to only 3 units. It’s made everything fast, easy, and simple.

As they put it, “Working with Pure Storage is pure fun.” Because it’s a lot less work. Their IT team spends 90% less time managing their data and apps. Which leaves them more time for what’s most important—coming up with new ways to help people.

Between caring for systems and caring for people, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing