“Welcome to the neighborhood” is Matexi’s motto. They’re a real estate leader in Belgium, and they’re all about building sustainable housing in villages and inner cities alike. Since 1945, they’ve helped 38,000 families find safe, affordable homes, and right now, they’re working on 600 new neighborhoods across 300 towns.

ConXioN says…

Matexi may be experts at building safe neighborhoods, but they were facing some intruders at their own front door. The company was the target of CryptoLocker—a type of cyberattack that locks users out of their systems and demands money in exchange for access.

Matexi was in need of a watchdog, so they turned to their own neighbor, ConXioN. We’re a Cisco Partner and a Flemish IT service provider, and we were ready to build a solution that could keep Matexi safe and sound. To do that, we needed to bring in layered security to protect Matexi’s system before, during, and after attempted attacks, so we set them up with a suite of Cisco solutions.

First up was Cisco Umbrella, a secure internet gateway for employees, that makes sure internal and external users can browse safely. Next was Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), a real-time attack blocker that is always working to detect threats. The third piece was Cisco Email Security (CES), which made sure sneaky phishing attempts couldn’t make it to Matexi. To be sure hackers never had an open window, we brought in Cisco Meraki wireless for constant connection.

After one year, Matexi hadn’t experienced a single unwanted visitor.  In fact, they were so pleased with their security solutions, they renewed their Cisco licenses for three years. That means we’ll be keeping up our partnership and keeping cyberattacks out of Matexi’s neighborhood.

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Gioia Ferretti

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