Sirius uses Cisco ACI to customize a new network for Boys Town

For 100 years, Boys Town has helped kids and families across the country. They offer homes for troubled kids, family counseling, medical services, and more.

To do all this, it literally takes a village. From their headquarters outside Omaha, Boys Town runs two hospitals, six clinics, and 60+ homes across 12 states. They also have their own schools, police and fire departments, and credit union.

Old networks, slow traffic, tight budget

That’s a lot of moving parts, all resting on the shoulders of two aging, mismatched networks. Boys Town dreamed of going digital, but their old networks were too slow to handle their current traffic, much less the cloud. And they worried that a private cloud might overwhelm their non-profit budget.

They needed some help of their own. And our partner Sirius Computer Solutions stepped up to help.

Sirius says…

Together, we came up with a solution to set Boys Town up for their second century. Rather than swap out new networks, they went with Cisco ACI, which lets them customize how their network works. We provided them with a Cisco design engineer, a primary engineer responsible for implementation, and a project manager.

A view of the village from their own private cloud

Now, Boys Town manages their own private cloud, all from one place. It lets them see what’s going on across their village—and beyond. They can even share network space with their partners, while keeping everyone safe.

The solution keeps costs down, so they can spend more money offering services to people who need them.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best network engineering expertise, technology, and support. This empowers clients like Boys Town to increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

We at Sirius are proud to be part of the Village of Boys Town. They’ve done amazing things over the last 100 years. Here’s to the next 100.

Thanks, Sirius!

The story doesn’t end there.

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