Partner Success Story

“How can technology keep schools safe?” That was the question the National Safer Schools and Campuses Program set out to answer as they travelled across the U.S. interviewing superintendents, community leaders, partners, and technology companies. Their goal was to understand how (or if) schools were using technology for emergency situations.

They found a lot of technology. But what they didn’t find – a way for that technology to work together as a system. This insight led to the creation of Olympus, an integrated solution that helps schools respond quickly to emergencies. Olympus is a partnership between the Cisco sales team, Americas Partner Organization, Singlewire Software, and NETSYNC.

“In a state of emergency, seconds count,” says Mike Griffin, Collaboration Practice Manager at NETSYNC. Olympus saves time in an emergency by automating processes, including closing or locking doors, or taking over a screen in a classroom or conference room to quickly spread information.

There are many different ways to alert Olympus about an event, including a button on a badge or a phone, or a physical panic button on a wall. Cisco powers the foundational technology of Olympus, and Singlewire Software powers the emergency notifications.

Now, schools don’t have to be overwhelmed by the amount of technology they need to manage. By streamlining their emergency response systems, schools can respond quicker and more effectively to emergencies.

With a simpler, more accessible solution, Olympus is helping schools focus less on technology, and more on creating a safe environment.

Between patchwork and precision, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing