When your goal as a company is to guide clients on their digital transformation journey, it helps to set an inspiring example. That’s just what NTT set out to do with their new office headquarters. Having outgrown their former, more traditional workspace in Sydney, NTT—a global provider of IT solutions across 60 countries—built an ultramodern hub in Darling Park, aiming to create the intelligent workplace of the future.

The brand-new space would feature soaring, geometric glass and a spacious, light-filled central atrium. Naturally, the IT infrastructure needed to be just as cutting-edge. The challenge? To create a wireless network powerful and accurate enough to serve NTT’s needs and meet their high-reaching standards.

NTT helps to outfit their clients with Cisco technology every day, so it was a natural choice to draw upon the best of these solutions for their own digital transformation. Their new platform would feature everything from Cisco video surveillance for security on-premises, to WebEx touch boards in the conference rooms that inspire workplace collaboration.

Wherever they go, NTT employees have powerful Wi-Fi thanks to Cisco SD-WAN, a next-generation wireless network solution. And with Cisco DNA Center, management of the entire system is easily automated, secure, and simple to use on a single pane of glass.

Today at Darling Park, NTT employees bask in a workplace where the technology is just as leading-edge as the high-design architecture. Employee engagement scores have gone up, and the new smart facility is a key reason for that. Team members revel in a better use of space, more collaboration touch points, and an IT setup that lets them work smarter, but not harder.

Most of all, NTT is giving their customers a brighter idea of what’s possible—and a blueprint of best practices they can emulate in their own future-forward workplaces.

Between working well and working beyond your wildest dreams, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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