Imagicle ApplicationSuite provides all the critical unified communications applications customers need to augment their Cisco Calling platforms, whether deployed on premises or in the cloud.

Some of the top-selling applications from Imagicle—such as Call Accounting, Advanced Directories, and IP Fax Server—have been available on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL) since 2012. In 2017, Imagicle Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant, and Hotel Services were also added to the GPL.

Now, the full suite of Imagicle applications is available on the Cisco GPL. (See Figure 1.) This includes Call Recording, one of the most requested Imagicle applications, along with Budget Control and Phone Lock features in Imagicle Call Accounting Enterprise version. Call Recording is a perfect replacement for Cisco Mediasense, which enters end-of-life status at the end of October.

Figure 1  Imagicle applications available on the Cisco Global Price List

Additional great news is the inclusion of Imagicle’s brand-new subscription-based licensing in the Cisco GPL, offering 6 different Rate Plans with a full combination of deployment type – standard or high availability – along with increased support services. Finally, as a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, Imagicle is also the first global ecosystem partner to be added to Black Belt Academy training to assist partners with their collaboration learning paths.

Meeting all customer requirements

The Imagicle ApplicationSuite has always been firmly rooted in flexibility and simplicity. Flexible, because customers can run Imagicle ApplicationSuite alongside Cisco Calling platforms such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) on premises, hosted, and in the cloud. Simple, because Imagicle provides a complete portfolio of unified communications calling applications, managed through a single pane of glass.

Companies, regardless of industry, tend to require two or more calling applications to support their businesses. As an example, one out of two Imagicle customers run more than one application. Not being able to acquire the full suite of Imagicle applications through the GPL was becoming problematic for Cisco partners and customers and did not mesh with the increasingly used lifecycle selling model. Essentially, Cisco sellers were limited in the applications they could sell their customers. For example, Call Recording, the top-selling Imagicle application to capture, archive, and retrieve 100 percent of calls, was not available on the Cisco GPL.

In one scenario, a Cisco seller might initially sell an Imagicle application—such as Call Accounting, Fax service, or Attendant Console—from the Cisco GPL. Then, a few months later, the customer might want to add Call Recording, and the Cisco seller would not be able to execute the Imagicle upsell.

In another scenario, a customer could have a subset of Imagicle applications and be forced to buy an alternative to Call Recording, because it was not listed on the Cisco GPL. Having to do this would weaken the Imagicle value proposition around simplicity.

Worse, both of these scenarios could be confusing to customers, because they know that Imagicle sells a full suite of calling applications. As a result, they were doing an end-run around Cisco sellers and requesting quotes directly from Imagicle. It was simply easier to ask for a quote for the full suite, rather than buy a few applications from the Cisco GPL and the remaining apps directly from Imagicle.

Now, at last, all Imagicle applications are available on the Cisco GPL. Cisco sellers can meet all their customers’ requirements. Customers enjoy an exceptional experience with a single point of contact for sales and support, with all unified communications applications centrally managed.

Simplified ordering

Imagicle has simplified ordering. For starters, three levels of Imagicle support service —Basic, Gold and Premium and two deployment types, Standard and High Availability —are now bundled into the product SKU. Previously, customers were required to buy service directly from Imagicle.

Software available through subscriptions or perpetual licenses

Imagicle now offers a subscription model with stackable licenses. Before, every Imagicle application had a number of SKUs, depending on license size, which was based on quantity-level bands. Now, customers buy only the number of subscriptions they need to meet their precise service level and quantity needs.

At the same time, Imagicle perpetual licenses, available on the Cisco GPL since 2012, continue to be available. So, customers can choose their preferred model.

Black Belt training availability

The presales-to-onboarding process has also been simplified because Imagicle is part of Black Belt Academy training for partners. Black Belt Academy offers a simplified and uniform education framework across all Cisco architectures and solutions. Partners can now easily and seamlessly meet customers’ unified communications needs around Cisco calling platforms, complemented with Imagicle ApplicationSuite.

Regardless of the technology trend—from cloud migration to digital transformation—one constant remains: Calling is a foundational for effective collaboration. In fact, 90 percent of employees say phone calls remain important for conducting business, and 65 percent prefer to conduct 1:1 business calls. Be sure to meet your customers’ communications needs by adding Imagicle calling apps to your solution set to enrich, enhance, and expand your Cisco communication and collaboration platform capabilities.

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Cisco sales and partners can join the dedicated Imagicle Webex Teams room
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