As the world—and the way we work—continues to evolve, Cisco Partners know that it’s imperative to continue learning in order to best be able to meet their customers’ demands knowledgably and efficiently. One way our partners do that is through the Cisco Black Belt Academy, which is a simplified enablement framework, consisting of carefully curated content, that allows partners to enhance their competitive advantage, learn more about the broad spectrum of Cisco ecosystem solutions, engage more confidently with customers and ultimately execute sales.

In a world dominated by work from home and hybrid work, it’s even more imperative that Cisco Partners are able to provide the best solutions to customers who need enhanced video conferencing capabilities. To help enable our partners to define the new experiences end-users are demanding while delivering greater value for their customers, the Black Belt Academy recently partnered with VQ Communications on training to specifically address this need.

VQ Communications has been a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner since April 2020 and provides the recommended management software for the Cisco Meeting Server platform.

And we are excited to announce that following the success of Black Belt Stage 1, VQ Communications’ Stage 2 content for the Black Belt Academy program is now available.

VQ Conference Manager allows you to unlock the full power of the Cisco Meeting Server, enabling customers to deliver high-quality, secure and scalable video and audio-conferencing services. VQ Conference Manager is used and trusted in a variety of verticals globally including Federal, Finance, Defense, Health and Education. Together, VQ Conference Manager and Cisco Meeting Server can deliver conferencing services at truly mind-blowing scale through its complete solution offering.

This training program is split into two tracks–Pre-Sales and Sales–and has been designed to give partners a greater understanding of the VQ Conference Manager solution and how it solves customer problems. Participation in the Black Belt program enables partners to become confident and competent when including VQ Conference Manager in their sales opportunities.

“Launching Stage 1 was a big milestone for us, and we’re really pleased to go-live with our Stage 2 content. With an ever-growing customer base, VQ Conference Manager continues to make a real difference for customers deploying Cisco Meeting Server and we can see how increasing the awareness of our solution to the global Cisco community is great for VQ, Cisco, CMS customers and partners.”
– Mike Horsley, VQ CEO

As with Stage 1, the combination of the Black Belt program combined with VQ’s VQ Conference Manager offering, gives partners a unique opportunity to access self-paced training and gain a deeper understanding of the value proposition of the unrivalled combination of Cisco Meeting Server and VQ Conference Manager.

To learn more about how you can deliver greater value for your Cisco Meeting Server customers, be sure to check out the VQ Conference Manager tracks for Black Belt Academy today.

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Donald De Witte

Business Development Manager

CX Collaboration Services - EMEAR