Partner Success Story

What does it take to illuminate a city in the digital age? It takes knowledge of the smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT)—and thousands of intelligent lamps to flood streets, parks, and squares with a luminous, ubiquitous glow.

When the metropolis of Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s sixth-largest city, decided to modernize approximately 182,000 of its light points, city officials teamed with BHIP, the concessionary of the public lighting service, to create a plan. Next, they set out to find a third player—a company that could deliver up-to-the-minute technology on a vast scale, with true smart-city expertise.

They found their answer in Logicalis, a company that connects and digitizes communities around the world.

Logicalis rose to the challenge by creating a smart system that lets BHIP remotely access and monitor thousands of light points across the city. Also, the lighting company gets information from the system in real time so it can take preventive action and, in some cases, predict a lighting issue before it happens.

As a Cisco Global Gold partner, Logicalis implemented the solution using Cisco technology. Based on concepts of the smart grid and IoT, the new system gathers data from intelligent LED lamps. It also lets technologists adjust the lamps’ intensity, control power consumption, and turn them on and off remotely.

Belo Horizonte now lays claim to the largest smart-city project in Latin America. Its new lighting system brings many advantages—from making the streets safer after dark to reducing power consumption and light pollution for a softer environmental footprint. With this new infrastructure in place, it will be easier to add sensors and smart devices for even greater connectivity going forward. The future of the city looks bright, indeed.

Between a lightbulb moment and its dazzling realization, there’s a bridge.

Visit the Logicalis and Cisco global partnership page to learn more about our joint solutions.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing