The cloud has become a vital tool for businesses of all sizes, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that are necessary to compete in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. However, as more companies move their applications and data to the cloud, they face new challenges in terms of security, connectivity, observability, optimization. That’s where Cisco comes in.

“Cisco is meeting customers where they are by offering end-to-end solutions for their cloud journeys, including cloud security, connectivity, observability, and remote work.”

As a leading provider of  networking, cybersecurity and observability solutions, Cisco has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate their cloud journeys. Cisco offers end-to-end solutions for customers’ cloud journeys, including cloud connectivity, cloud security, cloud observability, cloud optimization, and remote work.

Cisco is making it easier for customers and partners to take advantage of its solutions by offering them on AWS Marketplace. Cisco SaaS solutions on AWS provide greater flexibility for customers and partners, making procurement easier. With the AWS Marketplace channel program, CPPO (Channel Partner Private Offer), partners can sell more Cisco SaaS solutions on AWS to customers. Most of Cisco’s SaaS solutions run on AWS, providing customers with greater flexibility and convenience in terms of procurement, leveraging their EDP commitments, and accessing the robust ecosystem support provided by Cisco and AWS.

Graphic that shows Cisco solutions on AWS key solution pillars

Cisco’s SaaS solutions on AWS cover a wide range of areas, including cloud security, connectivity, observability, and hybrid work solutions. Cisco SaaS solutions on AWS are designed to work seamlessly with AWS services, making it easier for customers and partners to integrate them into their existing cloud environments. For cloud security, Cisco offers zero trust, SSE, SASE, infrastructure protection, application security, and XDR solutions, which can help customers secure their cloud environments and protect their data from cyber threats.

In terms of cloud connectivity, Cisco offers SD-WAN and simplified cloud connectivity solutions that help customers connect their on-premises and cloud environments.

Additionally, Cisco’s cloud observability solutions offer full-stack observability that covers infrastructure, internet, applications, business, code-to-cloud, and cloud optimization. This helps customers gain better visibility into their cloud environments and optimize their cloud resources for cost and performance.

Lastly, Cisco’s end-to-end hybrid work solutions help customers support remote work and collaboration. This includes solutions for secure remote access, video conferencing, and team collaboration.

Cisco’s SaaS Key Solutions Use cases

Graphic that shows the key cloud use cases with Cisco solutions on AWS


The Cisco and AWS partnership offers numerous benefits for customers and partners who are looking to migrate to the cloud or optimize their existing cloud environments. One of the most significant advantages of this partnership is the ability to access Cisco’s SaaS solutions on the AWS Marketplace.

In conclusion, By offering its solutions on AWS, Cisco is making it easier for businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations and stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries. The Cisco and AWS partnership is a powerful combination that can help customers and partners optimize their cloud environments and achieve their business objectives. To learn more about the AWS and Cisco partnership, and how you can benefit from Cisco’s SaaS solutions on AWS, visit the AWS and Cisco partnership page, as well as Cisco’s solutions for AWS.


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