The past few weeks have solidified for me why I came to Cisco (almost a year ago, which is hard to believe). From the announcements of Cisco Hypershield and the Splunk acquisition, combined with power of our networking and data center expertise, and the greatest partners in the world—we’re now an unstoppable force in security.

A New Era of Distributed, AI-Native Security

Announced on April 18, 2024, Cisco is empowering our partners with a new generation of security architecture to bring to our customers. Introducing Cisco Hypershield, the first truly distributed, AI-native system that puts security wherever its needed – in your network; on every server; and in your public or private cloud deployments.

Learn more about Cisco Hypershield in the Partner FAQ and tune in on April 25 on Cisco.com or LinkedIn for a replay of our launch event at McLaren. We’re excited to leapfrog the competition with this announcement, which means more Cisco security and services revenue for you as a partner.

That’s not all we’ve been up to—we closed the Splunk acquisition to combine the full power of the network with market-leading security and observability solutions. As our partners’ success is our top priority, we’re balancing the need to quickly bring the benefits of our combined capabilities to our partners while ensuring a great experience.

There’s also another acquisition that recently closed, Isovalent. Cisco and Isovalent will build leading edge protection for every workload on every cloud. Learn more about these recent announcements on the Partner Communities page.

Investing in your Success

At Cisco Partner Summit 2023, we gave a promise to better protect security profitability with deal registration.

I’m happy to announce a big step in that direction with Cisco Security Concierge Deal Support. Partners now have access to a new specialty support team dedicated to accelerating registered deals and giving strategic support. Partners can get engaged through an option in CCW to opt-in, submitting a support ticket, or with a proactive outreach on targeted deals.

Our goal continues to be focused on simplifying the ease of doing business with Cisco Security through simple partner offers and programs aimed at maximizing your profitability (up to 30% blended margin).

The benefits of being a Cisco security partner keep growing. I’m confident the best days are ahead together!


Learn more about Cisco Hypershield


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Brian Feeney

Vice President

Global Security Partner Sales