Have you visited the DevNet portal website yet?  DevNet is our new developer program, and the DevNet portal helps software developers build applications based on Cisco products- these apps can help you enhance and manage Cisco networks or create entirely new solutions for your customers. On the DevNet portal you’ll find systems integration know-how, network management best practices, integrated server strategies, ready-to-use code samples, and software development sandboxes that help you bring your solutions online faster and with the highest possible quality.

As a member of the Solution Partner Program, you are eligible to join DevNet and take advantage of its many benefits and services, including:

  • More than 100 APIs. These Applications Programming Interfaces provide developers with everything they need to build leading-edge Cisco technologies into their applications quickly and efficiently. For example, use the Application Policy Infrastructure Control (APIC) Enterprise Module (EM) REST API to create network aware applications, allowing you to deploy and execute application policy across your networking infrastructure.  Or use the Mobility Services API to quickly create applications with built-in location information for both wired and wireless client devices.  There are over 100 fully documented APIs on the DevNet website now, and more being added.
  • Developer Sandbox.  The DevNet Sandbox is a 24×7 cloud lab service that helps you get your applications to market fast and efficiently with zero deployment impact. You have access to the latest Cisco products, platforms, and tools so you can test your growing lists of application use cases before you deploy.  The Sandbox lets you get started immediately and not worry about acquiring equipment, or finding the space and technical staff to maintain it.
  • Community forums and exchanges.  What’s the benefit to your project timeline of getting your questions answered quickly and accurately?  Fewer schedule slips. Higher quality.  The DevNet forums give developers access to Cisco technical experts as well as fellow developers who may have plowed the same path you are on.

DevNet is all about developer productivity and innovation. If you’re a software developer, the future of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) is either here right now or coming at you like a freight train.  DevNet gives you the resources and collaboration environment you need to succeed.

Visit DevNet and start taking advantage of this valuable resource today.


Susie Wee


Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Success