Partner Success Story

Few visitors arrive in a large hotel in the Caribbean thinking about how to stay connected to anything but the beaches and clear-blue Caribbean before them.

Yet, management at one of the most iconic resorts knew its existing platform needed a refresh. And they wanted to keep their analog phones, yet improve connectivity among the property’s five hotels and 4,084 rooms. They also needed a way to offer guests more digital features (talking to you, Caller ID), and more personalized service (hey, VIPs!).

Imagicle says…

We teamed up with Cisco for a deep dive into the well-charted waters of a Cisco system migration. First up: an infrastructure upgrade all across the board. 2000+ Cisco IP phones, 38 switches, and more than 100 Cisco VGs (Voice Gateways), just to name a few.

Then, we added Imagicle’s specialized Hotel Pack platform to the mix. This offered a new level of guest-friendly applications, and added all the customer support and premium professional service options the resort wanted. And, they were able to do all of this without the cost of replacing its analog inventory (that’s 9,200 analog ports and phones and nearly 2,000 digital admin ports, but who’s counting?).

And to top it all off, they installed Imagicle Call Recording and StoneFax. By ensuring careful monitoring of calls, the first allows for improved customer service of each operator, while the other digitized the entire fax experience, bringing the resort administration to the next level.

Calls are now 100% registered, answered in seconds, and 99% of those callers are greeted by name. Now, front desk staff can check-in on 2,000+ rooms in under an hour, and housekeeping can set the room status via IP .

All of this, without guests missing a minute of their sought-after fun in the sun. Talk about paradise!

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing