Have fun and make money. That’s the mantra of Nando’s restaurant. A fast-causal chain that began in South Africa and has since gone global. Recently, they realized that customers wanted more than their spicy peri-peri chicken. And to keep having fun and making money, they needed to change the way they did marketing. So, they turned to Cisco partner Turnstyle for help.

Turnstyle says…

We had a global restaurant chain – Nando’s – that wanted to create an effective email and SMS marketing program. Getting opt-ins and making sure customers cared about the content they received was a challenge. Posting deals on their website alone wasn’t doing the trick. They had a form, but customers weren’t filling it out, and they needed an alternative solution to reach customers and bring them into the restaurant.

Using Cisco hardware to offer wi-fi for the guests of their restaurant locations, we created a custom branded splash page that advertised promotions for Nando’s customers when they opted-in to receive marketing messages. By rewarding customers with free Wi-Fi access and exclusive offers in exchange for joining their marketing program, Nando’s has been able to grow their marketing database by an average of 650 contacts per location per month.

Thanks, Turnstyle!

The story doesn’t end there.

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For more information on Turnstyle, visit: www.getturnstyle.com

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing