Partner Success Story

These days, great hotel Wi-Fi is a must. Because it’s the #1 thing guests look for when they book. And it can mean the difference between a frustrated or five-star review.

So it’s also top of mind for the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). They know they need to give their guests a consistently great Wi-Fi experience. But they also need to do this across 5,000 hotels in 100 countries, using umpteen different Internet providers. And they need to manage it all from one place.

That’s where Cisco and Nevotek came in. They helped IHG set up a single gateway system that works with their many PMS (property management systems) and service providers. And it’s all built on their existing Cisco hardware. With Cisco Meraki, they can easily deploy Wi-Fi internet access across their properties—and manage everything from  over the Cloud. And with Cisco CMX Engage, they can get better insight  to provide their guests with better services.

Now, it’s smooth surfing for their guests. No matter where in the world they roam, they can get on Wi-Fi in the same way, enjoy the high speeds, and pay the same price. And with Nevotek solution, IHG can manage it all from a central place, without having to install extra server hardware at each hotel.

The reviews are in—guests are applauding the perk. Already, IHG has seen an unprecedented double-digit increase in guest satisfaction. They also expect a 10% increase in their customer loyalty program. And they’re on track to save $5 million in IT costs.

So when travelers are looking for great Wi-Fi internet access, they need look no further than IHG.

Between buffering and streaming, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing