Partner Success Story

Deep in the heart of western Australia, the earth is rich in manganese, an essential element in the production of steel and iron. At the Woodie Woodie mine—operated by Consolidated Minerals, and considered a source of high-grade manganese ore for seven decades—production halted in 2015 due to a drop in manganese prices. For two years, the mineral-rich earth lay untouched, and so did the company’s aging IT infrastructure.

When Consolidated Minerals, under new ownership, recommenced production at the mine in 2017, its IT equipment needed major upgrades. The legacy storage system was slow and laborious, and it lacked the capacity to support future growth. The company’s executives, finance professionals, geologists, and other personnel needed faster, more reliable access to data and applications. A digital transformation was in order.

Tasked with selecting new equipment, Consolidated Minerals had a clear vision for what it needed—a solution that was simple and scalable, and that required the least administrative effort. Thankfully, they found one company that could meet all their criteria—Pure Storage.

Consolidated Minerals had considered equipment from other vendors, but Pure Storage, a Cisco partner, came with a pedigree in the industry for its high-quality products. It also had a perfect tool for the mining company’s needs: FlashStack™, an infrastructure solution that combined elements from Cisco and Pure Storage. Using flash technology for large data storage, FlashStack checked all the boxes, from speed and reliability to simplicity and scalability.

With its new technology in place, Consolidated Minerals is seeing an attractive return on investment in its IT infrastructure. In addition to speeding processing times and boosting employees’ productivity, FlashStack is helping to lower operating costs and simplify administrative demands. Now that’s a motherlode of benefits.

Between shaky IT substratum and solid bedrock, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing