Admit it. Sometimes you let your calls go to voicemail. It’s not a crime to keep that pollster waiting or call that relative back later with a proper defense as to why no thank-you note.

On the other hand, if you work in law enforcement, or are an elected official – or both, as was the case with a recent district attorney’s office we worked with – calls that come in can’t be missed. The call could be routine, congratulatory, or someone asking for or offering help. Or, the caller could be filing a complaint, confessing something, or making a threat. These aren’t your relatives (hopefully); you’ve got to keep track.

Imagicle says…

IT managers at a district attorney’s office asked us for a reliable call recording solution that would record, track, categorize and archive every incoming and outgoing call. They needed something cost-effective, user-friendly, and that would work not only in their jurisdiction, but also in their offices all across the state.

Their existing infrastructure, built around the Cisco BE 7000 product line, was a good fit for Imagicle’s latest centralized Call Recording product. We installed Call Recording with a reliable HA (High Availability) active-active cluster, which comes with two recording options: Always On and on-Demand.

By opting-in to record every call, district attorney’s office is now able to better manage complaints, track offensive or threatening language, and provide evidence of how it handles cases. And for further security, only authorized users are able to access the system for audit trails. If Call Recording would be a good fit for you, call us. We promise to pick up.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing