How can we help medical professionals see more patients? A major southern hospital needed to find an answer. They couldn’t find enough doctors and nurses to cover their growing number of patients. And to make it even tougher, they were combining two goals: rural outreach and state-wide coverage in specialty medicine.

Avizia says…

In theory, the answer to this care shortage was telemedicine. But the hospital’s IT department knew that everyday video conferencing systems wouldn’t work for the needs of hospitals and clinics. To start, those systems aren’t mobile, so patients would have to come to them. Which isn’t always possible when patients can’t walk or even get out of their bed. Plus, the hospital didn’t just want doctors and to see patients via video—they wanted tools to help them connect the way they would if they were in the same room.

To make that happen, the IT team needed a telemedicine expert. Cisco suggested Avizia. You’ll find our telemedicine systems in a quarter of US hospitals and four of the top five integrated healthcare delivery networks in the US. Cisco knew we didn’t just have the expertise, but the experience putting these solutions into practice across the healthcare industry.

Here, our solution started with our specially designed telemedicine carts. The carts are equipped with special cameras, remote stethoscopes, and other connected tools so remote doctors can see for themselves what that symptom looks like. And to make sure every check-up is up to task, the system runs on a backbone of Cisco server tech including BE 7000M Servers, UCS Flexpods and Cisco Meetings software for connectivity, all provided by Venture Technologies a Cisco reseller.

Now, the hospital’s doctors and nurses are using telemedicine to care for patients in more than 20 remote locations. Which means rural and remote patients get specialty care they need, wherever they need it. Everyone saves time driving long distances. And the hospital and its clinics ran more efficiently, letting them explore new ways to help patients get healthy.

And better yet, the hospital is working with us to bring in more telemedicine solutions. Which is a good prognosis for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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