Are you looking to accelerate your organization’s operational effectiveness and the ability to transact recurring revenue at scale? Then, we would like to introduce you to our renewed Partner Operational Readiness Hub!

As the world is still facing uncommon and challenging times, we understand that it is paramount to keep creating new, fresh, and innovative ways to reach our partners and distributors that will help them to be well prepared for changes in offers, policies, processes, and capabilities to serve their customers.

That is why and, based on your feedback that helped us identify opportunities, we are more than happy to introduce our brand-new website that allows partners and distributors to easily find the resources, sessions and news needed to improve their operations.

Simple, welcoming and consistent


We made a team effort to simplify the experience of navigating our hub, looking to reduce the number of clicks needed to get where you want to go. There are three main pages in the new version:

Within Overview, partners and distributors can start building their readiness, program by program. Also, there are direct links to Customer Experience, Software as a Service (SaaS), Buying Programs, among others.

The Announcements section gives access to the latest news, divided by program. The site will be updated bi-weekly with each issue of the Readiness Review.

In the Education Library, there is 24/7 access to learning resources, organized by your topic of interest and knowledge level. Furthermore, our stakeholders have the possibility to register for education sessions in different languages.


The whole site has a fresh look, with less text and scrolling, to make it easier to find key information. Besides that, we made sure to keep the relevant content that will help partners in their recurring revenue journey.

Likewise, as part of this new look, we also included new navigation buttons for it to be easier for you to get where you want on the site.  This way, you will spend less time navigating but learning, instead!

With this renewed website, we hope that it will be simple for our partners and distributors to stay informed and keep on learning. Take your time to enjoy the experience of the new Partner Operational Readiness Hub! And of course, please let us know if you have any suggestions. We will continue to work to provide you the best experience!


Visit and bookmark the Partner Operational Readiness Hub!



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Edgar Trejos Fernández

Content Producer

Central Partner Operations