At the American Embassy School in New Delhi, kids from ages 3 to 18 come together from 60 countries to get an American-style education. The school’s classrooms, libraries, and other amenities span across a lovely 13-acre campus that bustles with more than 1,500 students, staff, and teachers.

Not only does the school connect students to teachers—it connects them with the latest tech, too. This includes 1,200 computers, tablets, and TVs to help students learn and create. Of course, every device needs to stay online and connected. So, when the school’s IT team discovered that their old network hardware had reached the end of the line and could not scale into the future, they needed to switch over to a future-proof solution —without disrupting their classrooms.

That’s where Seamless Infotech came in. They help with IT solutions from Enterprise Networking and Cloud Computing to Performance Management, IT Security and setting up new networks. Together, they rebuilt the foundation of the school’s network – a robust system that could scale and easily accommodate to the ever increasing and evolving IT demands. To start, they installed new Cisco Meraki switches and wireless access points, which keep students and teachers connected anywhere across campus. Then they topped it off with a cloud-managed firewall, Cisco Meraki Security MX 400, which keeps everything secure from unwanted threats.

Already, the school is making the most of their new and advanced network. They can now keep more devices connected at higher speeds, with fewer drops and dark spots. And the IT team can manage it all from a single web browser, in just a few clicks. So now the school spends less time fine-tuning their network—and more time keeping learning going. 

Between a powered-down network and an empowering education, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

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