Kilpatrick Townsend is a US-based law firm that operates in four different time zones and four different countries—the USA, China, Sweden and Japan. Their clients have complicated legal issues that need solving at speed—everything from global compliance to litigation to intellectual property. So, Kilpatrick Townsend designed their firm to have lawyers working 24/7.

But they had a problem. To have lawyers working around the clock, you need IT support around the clock too. If you have tech problems in China and your IT teams are all asleep in the US, everything grinds to a halt.

iVision says…

That’s where our team at iVision came in. Most managed IT firms focus just on the technology, but we get to know our clients and their line of business.

Working with our partners at Cisco, we got to know Kilpatrick Townsend’s IT needs, but also how they function in their industry. Their budget wasn’t endless, so we used our legal knowledge to get them the best possible value from every dollar spent.

Giving them 24/7 support was the most important job. But we also found ways to use technology to make their lawyers’ work smarter. We set them up with Cisco Webex and Jabber—collaboration software that allows their lawyers to meet with clients, open their laptops, and do everything on-site that they could do at the office. Plus, it all runs on Cisco so so high security and reliable connection is a given.

Kilpatrick Townsend now has round-the-clock, efficient technology. And when they need IT support, they get it fast. No matter where in the world they are with their clients.

And the story doesn’t stop there…

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