Too many of us attend frustrating meetings filled with background noise, dropped connections, attendee roll call and large presentation files that are emailed only after it’s too late. Fortunately, the right technology can turn a bad meeting into an engaging, productive experience.

Imagine if you could deliver to your customers a simple, single experience that incorporates audio, web, and even room-based video conferencing with access from any device?  Now you can!  Today, Cisco is unveiling the new WebEx. In Rowan Trollope’s blog you can learn how this massive update lets users join meetings up to 30% faster, has an elegant new user interface, and boosts productivity with tons of new functionality. It reinvents conferencing by bringing together all different types of conferencing—web, video and audio—into one seamlessly integrated meeting, so the host no longer has to worry about the conferencing preferences or the devices each participant will use to join. With WebEx, meeting attendees join quickly, use high quality video for more engaging discussion, share content to ensure everyone is on the same page, and always know who is speaking thanks to active speaker features.  You can even mute that person working from home with the barking dog in the background.

What does this mean to you as a Cisco Collaboration partner? By providing one conferencing experience to your customers, you can deliver a better overall experience and drive greater adoption across each customer site. The more your customers embrace and use WebEx each day, the more value they can realize from collaboration. And, in turn, the more solutions and services you can deliver. More WebEx usage can lead to more sales of our new video endpoints such as the Cisco DX 70, Cisco DX 80 and Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set because they all work seamlessly together.

Another new capability of WebEx is the addition of Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud. With CMR users can have their own personal meeting room, a single location that is always on and always available for meetings with access from any device. It’s just like your physical office, only in the cloud. This is a fantastic opportunity for any collaboration partner to go back to your existing WebEx installed base and upsell additional services. We’ve also made more improvements to Jabber, with new features and a modern look that will make it even more competitive and provide even more ways for you to land and expand new customers.  And as part of the seamless conferencing experience, Jabber lets you start an instant WebEx meeting with just one click.

To help introduce midsized customers to the benefits of the new WebEx, we’ve introduced the WebEx Try & Buy 90 offer. This promotion can assist you in driving sales in the midmarket with a 90-day trial of WebEx Meeting Center to both new and existing Cisco Business Edition 6000 customers. Learn about the new WebEx, CMR and the Try & Buy offer at one of the upcoming partner webcasts. We have additional partner training videos and sales tools for both WebEx and CMR. And don’t forget the expanded Software Adoption Incentive to help you increase WebEx adoption across your customer base.

Now with one conferencing experience, you should be selling WebEx, CMR and Jabber in every deal, while driving even more demand for the new video endpoints. The Cisco innovation engine keeps delivering new technologies to help you sell more collaboration, grow your business and deliver greater business value to your customers. Let us know how you think your customers will benefit from this new single conferencing experience.


Richard McLeod

No Longer with Cisco