Travelers these days lean on their phones to get them where they need to go—both before and after they step foot on any mode of transportation. They check their travel schedule, find places to eat and shop, check the local weather, and order transportation.

Cloud4Wi says…

The Italian State Railways Group (Gruppo FS Italiane) saw the need for a connected experience for every passenger who enters their railway stations. And an experience that they don’t have to swipe a card for.

Then began the Wi-Life Station project. Their dream was to create smart stations that could become social and economic hubs for the community, but they knew they couldn’t deliver this sort of experience on their own.

That’s when they came to us at Cloud4Wi. We hooked them up with our suite of guest Wi-Fi, locations analytics and location-based marketing products. And we tied it in to their network with Cisco Meraki access points. Already, we’ve helped them set up free Wi-Fi in 61 railway stations across Italy. And it’s been enjoyed by more than 1.3 million travelers.

It’s also been great for the stations. Now, Gruppo FS Italiane can anonymously track the activities of their passengers pre and post departure. This allows the stations to run more efficiently, shuffle staff to popular hot spots, and even send passengers location-based notifications, such as a returning “welcome back” message to a repeat passenger.

And this is just the start. Next up, we’re working to roll out this out to all 600 stations. For travelers all across Italy. It’s full steam ahead for free Wi-Fi.

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Gioia Ferretti

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