Demos are a powerful decision-making tool to drive sales success. As an engineer, I admit I get a little excited when having the opportunity to showcase the power of our technology to partners and customers. It never gets old.

Every year, our partners consume more than 200,000 demos powered by dCloud, with the majority focused around guided demos on demand, partner training and testing.

Cisco dCloud is a scalable and secure demo platform that enables us to offer product and solution demos that partners can use to assist in successful customer engagements. Over recent months, we’ve been diving into how Cisco can help advance demos — not only for a better partner experience, but also a great customer experience. We’ve made solid progress empowering partners with dCloud as a platform, specifically in how we give customers with more control to access the demos they need. This enables partners to authorize customers to proactively schedule Cisco demos directly from the dCloud “My Hub” page, a great new feature to enhance sales success.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch a video chat I had recently with Jason Angelus, Director of Cisco’s Global Systems Engineering, as we discuss the power of demos, associated trends and how Cisco is expanding the partner and customer benefits.Jason and Alex Vimeo video screengrab
In addition to empowering partners and customers with more control in demo scheduling, we are also working to add more relevant demo content and drive faster, intelligent pairings.

More Demos and Labs

Partners can leverage dCloud to more efficiently showcase for their customers the value of Cisco technologies through pre-built and customizable demos that assist at any point in the sales cycle. With approximately 70 new or updated demos added per quarter, content includes everything from C-suite level information to technical demos and labs.

Instant and Intelligent Solution Pairings
dCloud’s fully scripted, customizable environments are available almost instantly in the cloud for every Cisco architecture. And with intelligent solution pairings and helpful insights, it’s a whole new way to experience the Cisco portfolio.

Engineers are the people who make things work and Cisco is committed to providing our partner engineers with the tools they need to be successful every step of the way in the sales journey.

Explore curated content collections, intelligent solution pairings and helpful insights for a whole new way to experience the Cisco portfolio.

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Learn more:

  • Partners can learn more about what Cisco dCloud offers at Global Demo Engineering and Shared Services, and specifically how the engineering teams are working together to improve your Partner sales experience.

  • Customers that previously used dCloud can reach out to their Cisco Partner to authorize a demo. New users can create an account here to be authorized for scheduling.

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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales