Identifying the Need

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Channel Partners face many challenges. The constant emergence of new technology solutions and a myriad of complex offerings often leaves gaps in service requirements. To stay ahead, partners are compelled to continually develop their expertise and confidently deliver solutions on every engagement. There is an increasing need for upskilling and reskilling to stay relevant and competitive, along with managing employee turnover that often leaves talent gaps and the departure of critical knowledge.

This is where the Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) Program comes in. Recognizing these needs, we have a tailored program designed not only to fill these gaps but also to empower partners to grow. It allows partners to graduate their skills progressively, enabling them to undertake larger, more complex projects and boost their top and bottom line.

Tailored for Success

MINT is designed for our Channel Partners who have a strong desire to leverage our industry-leading mentoring solutions to amplify their business performance. MINT brings together non-competitive, external third-party partners who operate worldwide across a vast array of Cisco solutions and architectures. This unique approach ensures that our Channel Partners can focus on what is important to them without worrying about competition.

To ensure the highest standards of service delivery, all MINT Partners have been thoroughly vetted by Cisco technical experts. MINT Partners must also go through a rigorous qualification process to participate in the program. To maintain eligibility, they are required to adhere to all company compliance standards, financial obligations, and requirements. This includes having a Non-Resell Partner Agreement (NRPA) that ensures our Channel Partners can maintain their unique offering in the market without any concerns about overlap from MINT.

Whether you are looking for pre-sales (Proof of Value) and/or post-sales (Mentored Installs) with trusted services on Cisco offerings to your customers, MINT is built with your success in mind. Rest assured, with MINT, you are in capable and credible hands.

Unveiling Our Services

At its core, MINT is a SKU-based program that offers a comprehensive suite of mentoring services to our Channel Partners. These include but are not limited to:

  • Extensive mentoring and white-glove support for creating a sustainable services practice
  • Access to technical resources for deployment/implementations
  • Advisory/consulting services
  • Business development assistance

MINT is strategically designed to equip our Channel Partners with the business acumen, technical knowledge, and support they need to fully leverage Cisco’s solutions and deliver unmatched value to their customers.

Get Started with MINT

Ready to explore a world of possibilities with MINT? Getting started with your journey is simple and straightforward. Channel Partners seeking mentoring support can reach out to their Cisco sales teams, explore our MINT SharePoint site, or order SKUs directly from the price list. All transactions are made through purchasing SKUs listed on the Global Price List (GPL), all at a standard price, governed by our SolutionsPlus program.

The list price per SKU is set at $1,250 with a standard 20% discount. Net price of $1,000 per SKU. To determine the number of SKUs required to engage, we will arrange a Level of Effort session between the MINT Partner and Channel Partner. Once the necessary number of SKUs is determined, they are easily added to the Bill of Materials (BoM) via CCW. When your SKUs are booked, our dedicated MINT team will reach out to guide you through the MINT engagement process.

The MINT Team is excited to embark on this journey with you, starting today.


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Jonathan Matias

Leader, Sales Business Development

Partner GTM Acceleration